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His Alcoholikal Majesty

Drunkest Lovesongs Vol. alc. 666 %
Your Drunk 666
Drunken Game
The Boozeless
Our Alcoholikal Rapture
When Love and Booze Embrace
The Beginning of the Binge
For You

Razordrunk Romance
I Love Booze (Prelude to Binge)
Poison Girl
Join Me In Bed
Right Here In My Glass
Gone With the Gin
Razorblade Kiss (Evil Booze)
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Bar (Boozers End)
Absinth Tonight
Rum Is In Love With Us
The 9th Drinking-bout
Deep Glasses and Brilliant Bottles
Salt In Our Fish
Headache Every Morning
In Drunk and Sober
Close to the Bar
Booze Is the One
Please Don't Drink It More
Beautiful (Booze Is)
In Drink and Lonely
Don't Close Your Bar
Drink Beer Like I Do
Booze Metal
Buried Alive by Booze
Funeral of Hearts нью!
Soul on Wine
This Fortress of Beers
Circle of Beer нью!
Ту би кантыньед...
В работе над некоторой бузней принимала участие
Kris the IceQueen













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